Meet  the Teacher day

I cannot believe that summer is over.  Tomorrow is the "Meet the Teacher" for Little Tiger Preschool.   I just wanted to remind you what is going on tomorrow.  Each child was sent an invitation to come and get to know the school and their teacher.  

1.  When you arrive you may park in the circle drive.  Please enter from the west side and pull all the way through.  If you park tight 3-4 cars can fit. If there is not room you may park on the east side of the house. Please do not park on the west side of my driveway!  My neighbor has a large entrance to their driveway but they use it!  DO NOT park there or stop in front of their house! They run a business out of their home and I don't want to block their driveway.   Also please do not block my long straight driveway.  I have family members who come and go a lot. 


2. Entrance is on the east side of the house.  Walk up the front porch and turn left.  There are two steps that lead to a rock path. (or go on the grass to the path) Follow this path through the gate to the back yard.  Next to the house there are some stairs that go down to the preschool.   Please come in. There is no need to knock or ring the bell.  Look for a sign leading you down to the preschool.

3.  At the top of the stairs there is a table with instructions and a paper for the students.  Take one paper per student and come down into the preschool.  When you come inside there are pictures on the wall with some instructions.  Please read each to your child.  This will help them become familiar with the school and some of the rules. As you read them to your child they can glue a space item (astronaut, star, etc) picture on their page. Please leave the glue for the next person and keep an eye on your child so they don’t use too much glue.  Please read all the signs to your child.


4.  When your child has found all the space items, go to the classroom that your child is assigned and spend about 5 minutes with your teacher.  

5.  Tuition is due now so if you have not paid yet please bring this with you.  


6.  T-shirts are available.  There are plenty so if you did not order one and still would like to purchase one, they are available. The cost is $12.


7.  If you would like to donate items we are always running out of tissues, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes.  Anything is very much appreciated!


Thank you.  See you tomorrow.






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