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Save Your Spot for Utah's Most Jam-Packed  Summer Camp Experience! 


To begin registration, please register at Little Tiger Academy building.

If you have any questions or concerns, please see our FAQ or give us a call at 801-928-7226!

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How to Register for
Summer Camp

Please follow each step for ONE child at a time.


Call Little Tiger and put your child on the list


To complete your registration, you will need fill-out the required forms and permission slips.  These can be picked up at the building


Once you've completed all forms, you are DONE and ready for Camp!


2022 Little Tiger Academy

Only 26 spots are available this year for our INCREDIBLY popular Summer Camp Experience.


Every day, M-F is packed with structured play time, nutritious and yummy food, and time spent outdoors. Plus, field trips EVERY week!


The best part?


You don't have to worry about planning a thing and know that your children will LEARN and have a BLAST this summer. 

Every Week is Something NEW & EXCITING!

  • When is Summer Camp?
    Our 2023 Summer Camp will run from June 5th through August 11th. We will have daily activities planned from 9 am - 5 pm Monday-Friday of each week. This will also include a weekly field trip contained in this time. Daycare can be provided before or after Summer Camp but may cost an additional fee. We will be closed for July 4th and July 25th in observance for holidays.
  • Will you be open on the weekends or holidays?
    Summer Camp includes activities and childcare from 9 am - 5 pm Monday-Friday from June 5th - August 11th, but does not include Saturdays or holidays like July 4th or July 25th. Additional childcare before or after camp or on Saturdays is available but may be additional fee.
  • What will my child be DOING at Summer Camp?
    Our Summer Camp schedule is jam-packed with daily exercises, activities, educational opportunities, structured play, free play, and outdoor games. All of our activities and time will be based around a curriculum to educate as well as entertain. Every week will have a theme (announced the week before for logistical and safety reasons) that you can follow-along with at home. Every week will also include an off-site field trip that matches the theme of the week.
  • What are the weekly themes of Summer Camp?
    Every week of our Summer Camp will include a theme that you can follow-along with at home. For safety and logistical reasons, we will not be announcing these themes to non-Summer camp registrants. Registrants will be notified weekly of the upcoming week's theme. Across 9 weeks, we will have: - Coming Soon We can not guarantee those who purchase one week packages will be scheduled during a specific themed week.
  • How much is Summer Camp?
    Depending on the Summer Camp Package that you select, each week of summer camp can be between $190-$300 per child per week. If you choose to purchase a one week Summer Camp Package, the cost per week per child is $250. Every Summer Camp Package also includes a one-time camp fee. For one week Summer Camp Packages, this fee is $30 per week per child. For full Summer Packages this fee is $275. The weekly cost and camp fee is included in the Summer Camp Packages Listed above. There is also a 3% transaction fee for all Summer Camp Packages that will be included at checkout. (unless paid through ACH on Brightwheel)
  • What if we can't attend one of the days/weeks?
    Our Summer Camp packages are designed for families and we understand that things come up! When you purchase your Summer Camp package, you will be able to select the weeks that you know your child will be attending. If you purchase a full package (i.e. not a one week package) and you are unsure whether your child will be attending one of the weeks, please make sure to register for those weeks if there's a chance your child will attend. For our daily activities and especially for field trips, we will need a final count for each week for materials and transportation. However, we will not be refunding any package amounts for days or weeks that your child does not attend.

At the head of Little Tiger Academy is the passion and direction of Suzanne Merrill and her vetted, experienced staff. Suzanne graduated from college with a teaching certificate in secondary education, taught preschool for over fifteen years and taught first grade for a year. 

Across those fifteen+ years, she has created one of the most in-depth, entertaining, and effective preschool curriculum for her students. And the heart of that curriculum has driven every activity and field trip for our upcoming Summer Camp.


"We have loved our time with Little Tiger Academy! I highly recommend this school to those looking for a great all inclusive fun preschool prep school. bonus—-the school is really clean too. We love Little Tiger Academy!!!"

- Lindsey, mom of 2

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