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Front Dest Receptionist Job

Front Desk Receptionist Top 5 Requirements

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Very, Very Smiley and approachable.
Types 40 WPM or higher.
Comfortable learning web-based software and Google drive.
Clear communication skills to talk with parents and children.
Alignment with our company values especially Conservative minded value
Ringing Phone

Other Details about this Position

Consistent Schedules:  Your schedule will stay the same.  Our morning positions in each location are full time and our afternoon/evening positions are part time.  You will love always having your weekends to yourself!

Support: Your initial training is paid and includes hands-on, and verbal documented training to best meet your learning style.  We also pay for ongoing training.  Our director is a push of a button away.

Stability:  Little Tiger has been a growing business for 15 years.  Our proven track record ensures stability and peace of mind for you knowing your new job can help support you and your (future) family.

Fun:  Jobs are considered work, but at Little Tiger, work has opportunities for lots of fun.  
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