March 26th and 27th | Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium features three floors of free, hands-on, interactive exhibits. Indulge your curiosity as you experiment and play with the exhibits, and discover news ways to understand our world, space, the solar system, and beyond.
Clark Planetarium

Time & Location

March 26th and 27th
Clark Planetarium, 110 400 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, USA

About the Event

Clark Planetarium

M/W/F classes March 27th

T/Th classes March 26th

All classes will meet there at 11:30 am.  We will meet at the Earth globe in the entrance.  You will have a chance to check out the exhibits with your child.  We will then meet a 12:20 by the entrance to the Dome theater.  At this time we will watch the movie.  The Accidental Astronaut. The movie will last about 35 minutes.  After the movie you are welcome to view more exhibits or go home.  

Students $6 (Little Tiger Preschool will pay $3 so you only pay $3)

Adults $6

Any other children 3+ $6

All money must be paid by March 24th or you and your child may not be able to attend.

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