Field Trips

March 26th and 27th

Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium features interactive exhibits, planetarium shows, and documentaries that explore the Universe and life on Earth. Visit today, and engage your passion for cosmic discovery.


Clark Planetarium features three floors of free, hands-on, interactive exhibits. Indulge your curiosity as you experiment and play with the exhibits, and discover news ways to understand our world, space, the solar system, and beyond.  We will meet at 11:30 by the large globe of the Earth.  We will talk for a few minutes then you can walk around with your child exploring the exhibits they have to offer.  At just before 12:20 we will gather together again by the entrance to the Dome Theater.  Our movie will begin at 12:30 and will last about 35 minutes.  After the movie you are welcome to walk around the exhibits some more or go home. 

Accidental Astronauts.

Follow the adventures of Sy, Annie, their dog Armstrong, and a wise-cracking starship computer, as they embark on an unexpected journey into space! Bounce along with these new explorers on the surface of the Moon, get up close and personal with a solar storm, and gain a new appreciation of our home planet. "The Accidental Astronauts" is a space adventure for all ages.

T/Th classes will attend on March 26th

M/W/F classes will attend on March 27th

There is a cost to this activity. 

Students $6 (Little Tiger Preschool will pay $3 towards each of our students. You pay $3 for your student child)

Adults $6

Other children age 3+ $6  (Children under the age of 2 are free)

The planetarium requires that I pay for everyone with one check.  Because of this I must know if your and your child are attending and receive the money by March 24th.  If I do not hear from you or have money by this time, you and your child my not be able to attend with us.  There will be no other preschool offered if your child cannot attend.  Please follow the link to let me know if you and/or your child will be attending. (Do not just tell a teacher!  This needs to be in writing so we remember)

Parking at The Gateway

Convenient underground parking is available at The Gateway. The South parking garage features two direct entrances to Clark Planetarium on levels -1 and 0. The first hour is no charge, and from one to two hours is $1.00. Over two hours, additional rates apply. This is accurate as of July, 2017 and subject to change without notice.

  • Clark Planetarium will validate parking for our patrons: 3 hours for $1.00. Additional parking fees apply after the first 3 hours. Validations from the other Gateway merchants may reduce potential parking fees. Please pay for parking as you leave the parking lot. 

  • There is free and metered parking available on the street, as well as other public pay lots conveniently located nearby.

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