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What should I bring for a snack?

Are you at a loss for ideas of what to bring for snack?  Here is a list of ideas. 

All snacks must be prepackaged.  No home make snacks

Below is a list of snack ideas.  This is by no means all - inclusive but some good ideas.    These can be individual packages or a large bag and we can pass them out at snack time. I have plates but if the snack is something that needs spoons or forks, please send plastics.  If you are wondering about drinks I have cups and water or you can bring something for the kids.


When it is time to celebrate your child’s birthday you are welcome to bring something special for their birthday or just send a regular snack.  


With drinks and food please avoid anything red. We worry about the carpet at snack.  This year there is a NO CUPCAKE rule.  I know they are yummy but very messy!



Applesauce                                                       baby carrots

Cereal bars                                                       Cheerios 

Cheese Crisps                                                  Chips A Hoy                                                    

Cookies                                                             corn chips

crackers                                                            cut apples                                                        

dried fruit                                                         Fruit snacks                                                     

Fruit Snacks                                                    go gurt

Goldfish Crackers                                          graham Crackers                                              

graham crackers                                             granola bars 

grapes                                                                apple slices

Oreos                                                                 peeled oranges

Popcorn                                                             Potato chips                                                     

Pretzels                                                             Pringles 

pudding snacks                                               rice snacks

Saltines                                                             Teddy Grahams                                                

Teddy Grahams                                               Toaster pastries                                                

Town House Crackers                                   Triscuit

vegetable chips                                               yogurt             

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