Child Care monthly tuition:

Registration fee: (non – refundable) $30  per child

Full day: up to 10 hours max ($7 per 30 minutes over this time.)   

Pick up after 6:30: *Late pick up fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged after closing time.           

Families enrolled in childcare have up to 2 weeks in each calendar year for vacation during which no tuition will be due for vacations and will not lose continuous enrollment status.

All tuitions are due in advance (first business day following the start of a new month) 

        Baby and Toddlers:    $1040 per month 

        2 years :  $819 per month

        3 years:  $756 per month

       4 years:  $752 per month 

        5 year old: Not yet in kindergarten:  $729 per month 


Before and  After school program monthly tuition:

        KindergartenIncludes transportation to and/or from school

                       * Your child is considered a kindergartner until they actually start first grade


                       $700 per month (includes AM transport to public schools) 

                        Includes Monday-Friday up to 7 in center hours each day


        School Age 1st - 6th grade: (See below for more detail)

                       $570 per month or $26 per day during the school year

                        Includes Monday-Friday up to 7 in center hours each day

                       Rates change per month during the summer



*Monthly tuition payments are due on the first of each month for the full amount whether the tuition is state subsidized or not. (i.e. infant $1040 due on the 1st)


*Bi-Weekly tuition payments are due every other Monday for 50% of the monthly tuition rate (i.e. infant $1040 monthly would be $520 due every other Monday.  Note:  Bi-weekly payments incur, at a minimum, 1 additional payment during a calendar year)

Full day: up to 10 hours max ($7 per 30 minutes over this time.)   

Pick up after 6:30: *Late pick up fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged after closing time.

Drop off rates:

Based on availability:  first come first served.  Must verify availability prior to each drop off.

Automatic tuition express billing source is required to use drop off service.  A calendar per year $30 registration fee per child is required and will be auto billed the first business day following each new year unless withdrawal notice is received.

Age 2+   $7.00 hourly/child          3 hour minimum.


Transportation is available for the following elementary school.

Adams, East Layton, King,  and Whitesides.

Please verify school transportation availability (not all schools serviced for mid-day kindergarten runs.  Transportation availability is not guaranteed until you verify your school drop off and pickup schedule.)


Mealtime schedule:

Meals are included at no cost if your child is at the center during the times a meal is served. We will feed your children breakfast, lunch and a PM snack if they are scheduled to be in our care during those times. If they come outside of meal times it will be your responsibility to make sure they are fed.  

Meal                                        Start Time                                          End Time

Breakfast                                7:30 AM                                             8:30 AM

Lunch                                      11:00 AM                                           12:00 PM

PM snack                                2:00 PM                                             4:00 PM


Preschool monthly tuition:

This is if your child is already enrolled in full time childcare at Little Tiger Academy. 

$55 non - refundable registration/supply fee per student. 


Preschool classes include:  very structured preschool curriculum and activities, snack, and occasional field trips (additional fee may apply.)

For preschool only please see our preschool page. 


3 year-olds                    T/TH                 

4 & 5 year-olds             M/W/F              


Daycare closed days:

New Years day - January 1, 2021

Presidents day - February 15, 2021

Memorial Day - May 31, 2021

Independence day - July 5, 2021

Pioneer Day - July 23, 2021

Labor day -September 6, 2021

Halloween - October 31,  (close at 4:00)

Thanksgiving day and the day after Thanksgiving - November 25-26, 2021

Christmas - December 24-25, 2021

New years eve - December 31, 2021 (close at  4:00)

Note:  If the holiday falls on a Saturday, Little Tiger Academy will be closed the Friday before.  If the holiday falls on a Sunday,  Little Tiger Academy will be closed the Monday after.

Friday  Date Night:

Date night is for children ages 2-12.

Time is 6:30-10:00 pm.

When offered, date nights are available on a first come first served basis and space is limited.

*Must sign up at the reception desk or by calling 801-928-7226.

Payment due in advance and is non-refundable.

Any date night may be cancelled if there are less than 12 children signed up for any given night.

Date night activities include pizza for dinner, movies, crafts and/or games.

$15 per child per date night

Tuition must be paid in advance to secure your child's spot and is non-refundable.

Summer Camp:

For School aged children who have already attended 1 year of public school

approximately 11 weeks

$30 registration fee per child if not already a Little Tiger Academy family.

Per summer field trip fee of $75 due upon registration


Summer program consists of fun activities, engaging curriculum and field trip(s) each week (field trips locations, activities, and additional field trip fees will be published when they are finalized by the end of April, but are subject to change)

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