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Read what some of our current and past clients love about Little Tiger Preschool

Happy Kids with Books

Highly recommend!

2/26/2019                 Lindsey

I have been very impressed with how much my son has learned. My son is in the 3 year old class and has not only learned the alphabet but knows the sound each letter makes and has started blending letters together for early reading. He comes home each day with something new that he's learned and continually surprises us with information we had no idea he knew. Not only is he learning a great deal but he enjoys going to school and it's never a fight to get him there.  My 2 older boys attended different preschools and I am blown away with the level of excellence this cute little school provides in comparison to my other 2 boys. The school is very organized with small class sizes to ensure each child gets the attention they need. Ms. Lauryn is a fantastic teacher and my son absolutely loves her. I would highly recommend this school and I am so glad I found it for my little guy, I just wish I would have found it sooner!

Ready for Kindergarten!

2/26/201                                                       Ashley

My children love going to Little Tiger Preschool. My son has participated in the 3/4 yr old class and is now in the Pre-K class. He has learned so much already and I feel confident he will be ready for kindergarten next year.  I also have a daughter in the 3/4 yr old class and she absolutely loves learning all of the letters and their sounds. Ms. Suzanne is incredibly organized, great at communicating and keeping everyone informed!  The preschool is very clean and a fun, creative place for the kids to grow and learn! 

My kids are always excited to go to school each week, always have a great time and they are excited to tell me all that they have learned each day! 

She does great activities with the kids and does fun and educational field trips!  She is very kind and loving to the children and I would recommend her preschool to anyone! - Ashley 

My daughter is excelling!

2/25/2019                                                   Haley
  • I cannot say enough good things about this school and the staff. My daughter is excelling in every way since starting school here. I love the teachers and i love that it's not just a place for her to play, she's learning more and more everyday. I am so grateful for the chance she's had to go here. 10/10 in every way​

We love Little Tiger Preschool!


We have loved our time with Little Tiger Preschool! We are going on 3 years with my boys! This is my second child to have in the program and we love it. It’s a very hands on school with everything from group and individual projects to field trips. All pre kinder scholastic skills as well as social and life skills are taught here. My boys have all entered kindergarten completely prepared and adjusted. I highly recommend this school to those looking for a great all inclusive fun preschool prep school. bonus—-the school is really clean too, they even go as far as hand sanitizing each child as they enter the class room. We love little tiger preschool!!!

Staff is friendly!


We choose Little tiger Preschool because of the reviews and they did not disappoint. Our experience here has been amazing, they have been so patient with my little one. The first month or two my little one was so afraid of being somewhere new and he cried the whole class time but they reassured me this is normal and to give it time. Now he's asking everyday if its time for school and gets very excited. Preschool at the age of 3 for me was purely meant for the social aspect but when my 3 year old came home telling me all the things he has learned in just month 3 I was blown away. The staff is very friendly and kind. The area is clean and very well kept up. Since my little one has been going his mannerisms have changed for the better he always asks if he can help and I have little tiger preschool to thank for that.

Teachers are amazing!


Ms. Suzanne and the other teachers are amazing! They have fun with the kids but keep a focused classroom. My son is in his second year of preschool and is already reading take home site word books through Little Tiger Preschool.

So good for my son!

2/20/2019                                           Lauren

Loved it!

2/20/2019                   Brittany

I've had two sons attend this school and both have loved it! The focus is on learning and both have totally been above ready for kindergarten. Both of my boys were even able to read small books by the end of the year. The teachers are amazing and I absolutely recommend them.


2/18/2019                                         Katrina

"I have been amazed at how much my daughter is learning in Ms. Bethi's Pre-K class at Little Tiger Preschool! She is reading already and really enjoys her time at preschool. I definitely want my younger daughter to go to Little Tiger Preschool in a few years."

Couldn't be happier

2/28/2018  by                              Natalie

"Can't say enough great things about this place. They are great teachers who have that special talent for teaching kids. My son is already reading long before the other kids his age that I know who attend other schools. The field trips are original and so exciting for the kids. I found the school by doing a online search for preschools near me lucked out. I love the convenience of the school website and always having an open line of communication with his teacher. Couldn't be happier with the experience. "

Thank You!

by Denice Crossley


This was an email I received and was given permission to share...

Hello Suzanne!
I just wanted to thank you for teaching Brylee last year.  I know she learned so much from you.
Brylee is so excited and wanted me to email you and tell you that she is excelling in every subject at school.  Especially in reading. She is reading over 130 wpm. We bought her some chapter books recently that are 4th grade reading level and she loves them.  This morning she read one chapter book(67pgs) in 40 minutes. 
She is so proud of herself. This afternoon I found her reading another fairy book to her friend.  :)
Thank you again for everything you have taught my daughter.  
Denice Crossley 

I have been so impressed with this preschool and it has been so good for my son! He loves Mrs. Suzanne and comes home so happy each day. I love hearing about his day and the different activities they do. He is learning to read and can read the books that Mrs. Suzanne sends home with him. I've sat in during a class before and I loved the structure and the way Mrs. Suzanne runs the class. Very happy with this school!

Awesome Teachers!

2/19/2019                                                  Natalie

Awesome Teachers! My daughter comes home and tells me how much she loves class! She is already reading simple sentences and LOVES to sound out words on her own! It is a very friendly place with a great staff who keeps in constant communication with the parents. I feel like they are helping prepare my child to become successful in grade school! This is the second year we have come to Little Tigers and I will be sending my next child! We LOVE Little Tigers Preschool!


2/18/2019                                             Catherine

I’m so happy and impressed with the level of schooling my son has received here. He is four and he reads so well because of the work Suzanne and her fellow teachers have put in. He goes twice a week and I always feel confident that he is safe, learning new things and having fun. They take awesome field trips, have class parties and make the sweetest gifts for parents for the holidays! I wish she taught kindergarten because I don’t want to take him any where else!

The best day ever!

3/1/2018                                                  by Kyla

We love little tiger preschool. My daughter comes home everyday saying she had the best day ever. The pre-k program is so amazing She will be reading before she enters kindergarten and be completely above the standard qualifications . Miss Bethi and Suzanne are both patient ,caring  and really love teaching.I feel safe sending my children there. I would highly recommend them to everyone!

Great Reader

5/23/2017                                   by Michelle

I am so glad I found Little Tiger Preschool for my son. My daughters attended two different preschool and none of them even comes close to Little Tiger! My son started off not wanting to leave mom, but after two years with Mrs. Suzanne, he fell in love and was so sad to say goodbye. Suzanne is such a great teacher, she is patient and caring but is able to keep control of crazy toddlers and creates an amazing learning environment. At age 5 my son can count over 100, is reading, can tell time, and even knows addition and subtraction. I loved to volunteer in the class to see all of the fun things the kids got to do! I would whole heartedly recommend Little Tiger Preschool to anyone looking for a great preschool structure, fun learning environment and the support your student needs to prepare for kindergarten. We love Mrs. Suzanne!

We love Little Tiger Preschool

Singing the ABC's

by: R.P.

When I called about getting my daughter into preschool I was happy to hear that there was openings. I love that everything my daughter is learning is what they are going to do in kindergarten so when she gets there it'll be a review. When my daughter started she could barely sing her abc's and couldn't really identify the letters of the alphabet. Now she sings them clearly and gets every letter, we will be driving or out somewhere and she can identify the letters, she is also reading. I've been so impressed with the quality of teaching and how much my daughter has improved that I am enrolling my son in Little Tiger Preschool next year. It has been a wonderful experience.

Academic School

by Amanda

Little Tiger Preschool is the most academic comprehensive school I have found in Davis county. I did my research and talked to many other parents and the progress and growth my child has made is beyond compare. My son is reading books without any help and enjoys it as well. One of my favorite things about little Tigers is Suzanne's communication with parents. She involves parents in field trips parties and sends out a monthly schedule.  I have recommended this school to all of my mom friends, and I will be sending my little girl there next year. The level of learning is unsurpassed.

2/01/2016                                          by: AE

We moved into the area right before school started and all the preschools were full- Mrs. Suzanne was so sweet and found a place for our son in her class. We have been very impressed with what our son has learned and it's only been 6 months. He has grown so much since being in her preschool and I am confident he will be ready for kindergarten next year! He loves going to school each week and always leaves with a smile and is so excited to tell me all about what he learned! She is wonderful with the kids, she is VERY organized and is AMAZING at communication! I always know what's going on and she is always one step ahead and she is always making sure the parents are informed so the kids are prepared! I would recommend anyone to Little Tiger Preschool and am confident their children would have a great experience!

Great Pre-K Program

by Rebecca Olson

My son is attending the Pre-K program at Little Tiger preschool.  We have been very happy with Miss Suzanne.  She is very organized, good at communicating, and has appropriate expectations of the children. When my son had a behavioral issue in class, she spoke with me and then worked with me once my husband and I decided how we hoped to handle the situation.  It all turned out well and my son loves to go to school.  He has learned a lot and will be much more confident heading into Kindergarten in the fall.  The tuition is extremely reasonable.  It is a great program to help get them ready for the next step!

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