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Preschool Teacher Job

Preschool Teacher Job Top Requirements

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Experience of paid teaching position or degree
Ability to keep the attention of multiple children simultaneously.
Excited to use our daily lesson plans & curriculum.
Clear communication skills to talk with parents every day.
Natural ability to connect with children quickly.
Alignment with our company values.
Kindergarten Guide

Other Details about this Position

Great "Mom" Schedule:  Whether you have children or not, this schedule is perfect.  Classes start at 9:00 and end at 2:15 PM and fun M-F.  Once hired, your schedule will stay consistent for the entire school year.  You get summers off (or you can help with summer)

Support: Your initial training is paid and far exceeds other training.  

Small classes:  Our preschool classes are small.  Based on the age we only allow 12-13 children in a class.  We make it easy for you to give individualized attention.

Stability:  Little Tiger has been a growing business for 15 years.  Our proven track record ensures stability and peace of mind for you knowing your new job can help support you and your (future) family.

Fun:  Jobs are considered work, but at Little Tiger Academy, work has opportunities for lots of fun.  

Contract:  Teacher turnover hurts our Little Tiger Kids, thus we have a contract to ensure we only attract and hire employees who are really committed to making a substantial, long term difference for kids.  Ensure you are ready to join Little Tiger Academy by checking out the preschool teacher job contract by clicking here.
Clean & Fully Stocked Classrooms:  
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