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Kidz Dental Works Field Trip

What a neat dentist office! When the students arrived they entertained themselves by playing in the treehouse which is built into the wall and computer games. That was only the beginning. When all the students arrived they had prepared a small presentation about sugar and how it affects our teeth. Next, we went back into their office which is divided up into smaller rooms. Each room is decorated to keep the kids distracted. The students where able to climb onto the dental chairs and see what it is like to sit in the big chair and see how fun it can be. They were shown how some of the instruments work so they would not be afraid. As the students came back into the waiting room they were each given a token which they could put into the vending machine for a small toy. They were also given a small bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. The students left there so excited to go to the dentist!

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