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April information

Important Dates -

April 4 – No school due to Field trip

April 5 - Field Trip to Valley Nursery begins at 10:00 or 11:00

April 15 – Scholastic Books orders due

April 20 – Spring pictures taken for Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes

April 21 - Spring pictures for Tuesday/Thursday classes

May 2 - Scholastic books orders due. This is the last order for this school year.

May 11 All SWRL reading booklets and the other mini booklets should now be turned in.

May 12 Practice for End of year program Tuesday/Thursday classes

May 13 Practice for End of year program Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes

May 16 -End of year party/Practice for End of year program for Monday/Wednesday/Friday class

This will be at the Castle Park (Nicholls Park) in Fruit Heights. 11:00-1:00

May 17 - End of year party/Practice for Program for Tuesday/Thursday classes

This will be at t he Castle Park (Nicholls Park) in Fruit Heights. 11:00-1:00

May 18 - End of year program at Kaysville Library Auditorium

1:00-1:45 Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes

2:00-2:45 Tuesday/Thursday 11:30 class

3:00-3:45 Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 class

Donation items

During April and May there are some items that I need for projects in class.

-4 empty toilet paper rolls for each child (please clean off all paper)

- 1 empty two-liter bottle with sticker removed and washed out.

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