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The End of School

As we near the end of school please be aware of upcoming events.

* All SWRL books and mini books are due back to the school by the end of this week.

*The end of school class party will take place on May 16th and 17th during regular class times.

If the weather is good this will take place in my back yard. I am planning on having a bounce house, games, and other activities. If it is warm enough I might have some water activities, so please dress your child accordingly. I will provide popcycles and plenty of water. If you would like to help out please let me know. I will have all the games and activities ready but it is always nice to have other eyes watching. If you would like to bring cookies or another snack that would be appreciated!

If the weather is bad we will move it into the classroom. It won't be as exciting but it will still be fun.

*The end of year program will take place on May 18th at the Layton library. This is the library across the street from Layton High school. Each class will participate in their own program. I have given each class a one hour time frame. The program itself will only take about 20 minutes but the remaining time will give time to visit and clear out before the next group arrives. Follow the time schedule according to when you have class. Please don't arrive too early. This will give the group before you time to visit and leave and me time to prep for the next program.

If your child will not be attending the program, please let me know. Each child has a speaking part and if they are not going to be there I need to give their part to another child.

Parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles . . . are invited to attend. There should be available seating for anyone.

PK#1 M/W/F 9:00-11:15 will have their program at 1:00

PK#2 M/W/F 11::30-1:45 will have their program at 2:00

PK#3 T/TH 11::30-1:45 will have their program at 3:00

3-4 year old class 9:00-11:15 will have their program at 4:00

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