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Staff Meetings

February 2024

There are 2 videos.  This first video is for everyone.

This video is for rooms 2-8
Training:  Chaos to Calm
Answer the following questions and turn them into Suzanne:

  1.  Why do children misbehave?
    a.   They are just spoiled
    b.  They are more challenging these days

        c.  The parents are to be blames

       d.  Behavior is a form of communication

2.  What are the signs a teacher has become a “submarine”

       a.  Ignoring the behaviors

       b.  Yelling at the kids
       c.  Controlling the children

      d.   All of the above

3.   How does a voice meter help?

    a.  It doesn’t

    b.  It makes noise in the classroom

    c.  It helps to moderate the noise

    d.  It gives teachers a way to punish the children.

4.  What are some play strategies you can use to transform your classroom?
Class puppet

     b.  Limit the number of centers open

     c.  Magic lotion

    d.  Tell them what to do

    e.  All of the above

What are two simple ways to bring calm to the classroom?

     a.  Breathing breaks

    b.  Brain breaks

    c.  Let them cry it out

    d.  Walk away so they can calm down


These two videos are for room 1 and if wanted room 2
#1 Baby sign language
#2 How to stop a Screaming Non-Verbal Baby or Toddler

Tell me your 3 favor things you learned from each video.

Stop Here.  You do not need to watch the next videos.

August 2, 2022
The Magic of Play
(2 Videos)

September 15, 2022
Outdoor Play
(1 Video  start at 16:20)

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